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Network Mapping: Your computer network may have started small, say as few as two PC's and a printer, or maybe a little more. Your access to the Internet may have been dial-up. Telephone service was delivered on "Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines. Your facsimile machine had its own analog telephone line.

Since then, you've added that wireless router, the printer is a network attached device, wired or wireless, fax's come over the Internet and phone service is now digital!

With all of changes that have taken place or will take place it is becoming crucial to know what and where (physically & virtually) that the network devices reside on, and how they inter-connect on your network.

We investigate all of the issues and provide records of what, where and how your network is connected. This makes trouble-shooting, additions, and transitions a much simpler process!

Hardware/Software Consulting: With the many different software packages being offered to accomplish the many different data related tasks today, wouldn't it be beneficial to have the software that most closely matches your intended application? From Anti-Virus, general office, accounting or industry specific software, we will help you to make the best selection that meets your need(s).

Hardware selections have become much more complex. Will a "PC in-a-box" do the job? Or, do you need a more custom, application specific capable machine? We can help you in this arena as well!

Telephony Consulting: AT&T recently submitted a new standard to be considered by the FCC. This new standard did not include analog phone lines. The time is approaching fast, that POTS lines (analog) phone lines will be a thing of the past. If you've already converted to DSL, cable telephone service, T-1, or any other digital service, this transition will be much less painful! Along with the benefit of this transition, generally less expensive, comes a new market for competition. This new competitive market will likely make transitions much more frequent. As competitive technologies "leap-frog" each other, telephone/data service is likely to become faster/better/less expensive in much more rapid fashion! Let us help you select and implement your service, it may make your transition much easier!

Web Presence & Marketing: In business today, presence on the Internet is a must! It is fast replacing phone books, printed media, traditional advertising, etc. as the "go to" place to find, research, and select a supplier, consultant, or service contractor. What is your presence on the World Wide Web? Are you using "social networks" to contact, inform, and communicate with your potential and current customers? We can help you with Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc. to help you "stay-in-touch"!